Am primit un mesaj, acum câteva zile, de la o instituție americană specializată în cercetare științifică. Mesajul vorbea, între altele, de „racial justice”, „black lives matter” și altele asemenea. În aceste condiții, le-am trimis mesajul de mai jos:

I do not agree with the racial discrimination of any human being, regardless of skin color. But I can’t help but ask myself: why only ”black lives matter” and not ”human lives matter” ??? Doesn’t this lead to “reverse” discrimination? I say this because, as a Romanian in Romania, I am the a descendant of many generations of Romanian peasants in Transylvania, who, for hundreds of years, were only “tolerated”, being Romanians and Orthodox, by the Hungarian aristocratic elite, until 1918, when Transylvania , through the voice of the Romanian majority of the region, decided the Union with Romania. After 1945, until 1989, like most of the country’s citizens, my predecessors – and I, for two decades – knew the discrimination induced by the communist dictatorship. Given that I am white and Christian, do I and my predecessors deserve to be discriminated against, just because “black lives matter”? If so, I will not be a part of it! We, for hundreds of years, have been guided by the Christian laws of Humanity (= ”Omenie” in Romanian), preserved by the majority peasantry, for centuries on these lands. The roots of this behavior can be found in the text of this link, which, unfortunately, I have written only in Romanian

The essence of the message of the text is, however, the fragment at the end of it:

„Education must be based on Christian morality, starting with the 10 Christian Commandments, common sense, humility, good faith, a sense of proportion, “the seven years at home” (Romanian: ”cei șapte ani de acasă” = education received by pupils before the school enrolement), humanity (in Romanian = „omenie”), conscience, responsibility, character, honesty, competence, vertebral column, respect related to own person and activity, but also to other humans and her work. Having transmitted such values, from person to person, from generation to generation, we will be so sure that no one will violate our rights and freedoms, because that’s what his muscle wants, but also that they will not be violated either!

Whoever “harnesses” himself to such a job will have my support! Who doesn’t – NO!

God help us!”